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Flash XML Ssaver aims to solve the problem where Flash video could not save files locally. As Flash can load variables using http protocol, Flash XML Saver take advantage of this by acting as a server. Flash video can send variables to save in local system to Flash XML Saver. The result is saved in XML format. Hence, you will have no problem with portability. The application can be minimised to system tray.

Flash XML Saver in system tray
Flash XML Saver running in system tray


No installation needed. Just place it in a directory, say c:\flashxml\ and you are ready to go. Plesase note that this software generates 2 files. They are:
a. options.ini; it contains the port the application use.
b. result.xml; the result file the application writes into

These files reside in the same directory as the software. Hence, make you sure you have permission to write these files in the directory.

How it Works

Basically, the application works on http protocol. By default, it works on port 2009. You can change this in the Settings area. In general, you don't need to interact with the software directly unless you want to get the result. All you have to do is feed the software with URL with parameters. There is no limitation to how many parameters you want to feed. In fact, you don't need to name any specific parameter. It will just store anything that you send to the software.

This software is written for Flash video to be able to save files locally in XML format. Other software that works on http protocol can use this software as well. However, it is felt that there will not be any other software than Flash will use this software.

To test if the software is working or not, open your web browser and point it to (if you have changed the default port, you need to change 2009 to the port you have changed). Your browser should display "myResult=true" (without the quotes). This is standard return so that you can use it with comfort with ActionScript in Flash. Normally, you will not receive result other than this.

This software can be minimized into system tray. Just press [Alt] + [F4] or click the [X] button on the top right corner of the software. You should see Flash XML Saver icon.

What's Next

Flash XML Saver is still in primitive form. I am fully aware of this. There are huge rooms for improvements. This is just an initiative to those who work heavily in Flash animation and need to save files locally. Known limitations in this software are as follow:

I would like to see whether this software can really help the work of all Flash developers as I have never really known any similar software with this one. If positive feedbacks are received, then new and improved Flash XML Saver might be developed.

Please send your feedback to majolelo [at] gmail [dot] com and prefix the subject with [Flash XML Saver].


Although I built the software with prudential manner, I will not bear any responsibility for any loss or damage for using the software. Use it at your own risk. This software is provided for free. However, I accept any donation from satisfied users. Please donate via PayPal; my account is majolelo [at] gmail [dot] com.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 14 October 2009 15:00

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