Welcome to my humble abode

Project Manager stationed in Bank Indonesia

February 2017 - present

Work for IT consultant. Manage projects, change requests in Bank Indonesia.

Bank Indonesia RTGS Gen 2 Enhancement Project

Mar 2017 - ongoing

Manage and monitor enhancement project for Bank Indonesia's RTGS including SSSS and ETP.


AADCP2 Web Administrator

May 2017

Administer the website of ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation (AADCP2) http://www.aadcp2.org

Changes so far:

  • Fixed the display of list of opportunities on the home page
  • Fixed the website capability to send email (Contact Us page).



Lanc3ri is a community-based words game. Each participant, in turn, is to submit 3 words to a story. The goal is to create story. The flow of the story is determined by words submitted by the community


[Book] Panduan Praktis Membuat Situs Pribadi & Template Blog

Written in Indonesian, this book has made to print in 2007. It was made to second print due to demand.

Due to technology development, the content of the book is no longer relevant with today's technology.

You can still glance at preview of the book at Google Books.

As of 23 October 2016, it receives 5 stars in the review.


I Have Moved On!

So, I am now working at this IT consultant company. I am managing their projects at central Bank of Indonesia, Bank Indonesia.

I can accept small-scale projects such as web development and English - Indonesia, vice versa, translation. Drop me a line at biz [at] majolelo [dot] com

Looking forward...

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Let me tell you...

The website has been revamped again. It has been revamped for quite a few times. Also, the content has been abandoned for quite long time. Now, I am planning to keep it maintained.

23 Oct 2016 11:31