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KuBis is a very simple game. The game field consists of 8x4 squares. The objective of the game is to occupy all the boxes in horse-chess direction (L-shape). Player must set a strategy in order to win the game. Once wrong move has been made, a 'No more eligible move' will show up in the status bar panel to indicate that there will be no more move can be made (duh).

How to play

To initate the game, player can click any square on the game field. Be careful though, your first step can determine the successfulness of your game. A mark will be placed to indicate that you have occupied the square. Then, from the first clicked square click any square in horse-chess direction. The first mark will be marked black, while the latest clicked square will be highlighted. This is so as to keep track of your movement. Keep doing that until all the squares are clicked. Observe the following illustration to get the idea of how to play the game.

A player clicks a square on the game field.

The player clicks another square following the horse-chess movement rule. The previous clicked square becomes black, while the latest is highlighted.

Having successfully conquered all the boxes, player will be congratulated. Mind you, the cute trophy image can be modified using your own photo file.

Strategy is required to win the game. As shown in the above illustration, player is stuck with the latest movement: no more eligible move (see the highlighted square).

Note that in the event when there is no eligible movement, the game field will be disabled. In order to start over again, press F2 or select New Game from Game menu.


Visual Horse

In replace of that old boring squares, player is enabled to have horse-chess picture to occupy those squares. This can be done by turning on Visual horse menu from Options menu.

Change trophy

Ego is humane. So, player is enabled to changed the cute trophy image with their own photo file. Player can even change the trophy with their own smiling triumph face. This can be done by Change trophy menu from Options

Create desktop shortcut

Finally, if you decide to let the program in your desktop for a while, you might want to create a shortcut in your desktop so that you don't have to remember where you reside this program.


Other Information

The KuBis is not actually invented by Mandrake. It's been played offline so long time ago when Mandrake was a young boy. Some folks had the idea of dividing the chess board into two (original chess board size is 8x8). Then, putting all the chess objects on the half-divided chess board. After that, they start this KuBis game. Please note that the term 'KuBis' is created by Mandrake as Mandrake could not find official name for the game. Oh, have I mentioned that KuBis is a freeware? Okay, so Mandrake placed a little banner and advertisement there, but Mandrake does not sell anything there. Lastly, trust Mandrake when he said that there is no spyware installed in the game. I hope you folks enjoy the game.

If you like the game, or if you are interested of what went on behind the making of KuBis, please feel free to drop Mandrake a line via email at mtwasia_id-at-hotmail-dot-com.

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